Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Friday, 22 September 2017


This is my scratch. It is cool to which . it this colours. The N, A and V all go bigger.

Monday, 18 September 2017


Come and get my art work it is for $19.This is my Maori weaving. please  came and buy my art work  forever. It is a masterpiece of art you can get. In the world there is only one made of this you can get. 

Friday, 8 September 2017


The kill
Once upon a time there lived three little pig and a furious hit wolf. The pigs lived in one house a wolf came with a rifle and he sat on a rooftop from ten km away and he got only one of them other pig was hiding under the table and he got  him straight in the head and the third pig was under his bed and he got him in the head too.And  then he got the sugar for his granny’s cake that he was making for her. He then hopped in his ferrari and drove off home. He never noticed that that cup was slowly spilling so when he reached home the cup was empty. he got very very angry he was so angry he  almost exploded in red fur like a wolf nuke.  And he lived angrily ever after. (he never got his cup of sugar)


Illustrated by Amanjot Singh
Written by Navjot Singh

Monday, 21 August 2017

fun run

20170816_121509.jpg 20170816_121230.jpg
Today I think I did a good job at fun run.I came 5th place,Amanjot came 2nd place,Blake came 3rd place and  Jordan came 5th  place.It was fun.My favourite thing was the jumps by the pool.                                         

                                From Navjot                                


One day in New York city a ginormous, fat, hairy mammoth with long tusks came. He looked scary because of his hair. He started to make noise.      
People got scared and screamed. And when he stomped people started to scream and some people said O.M.G because they when scared.Until the people from the zoo came to take it back to the zoo.
                      From Navjot


Thursday, 17 August 2017


This is my maths for this week.We learn to share to have the same amounts and we learn to do fraction.