Wednesday, 31 May 2017


Thank you for coming and performing at Parkvale school. I loved to watch  you.It was a cool performens  to watch . I love watch it was cool.The guitar  and the drums.
From Navjot Singh.




  1. great work and the they were very very very good they were amazing and that's what you said the it was amazing and cool. you showed me that this act was amazing and very very cool. navjot you have done a great job wow!its just amazingly awesome. Great job navjot. its very good

  2. Wow Navjot your work is very very very very very very good and it is
    very very very very very very amasing

  3. Wow Navjot I love your work it is very good
    good words like performing and performents
    I love the colour of the words as well
    well done!

  4. I love your work. it's amazing love it love the words and i think you very enjoyed it